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While a continuous view of mental illness probably reflects underlying reality, it inevitably results in grey areas where �caseness’ (whether someone does or does not have a mental disorder) must be decided based on judgment calls made by experienced clinicians. In psychiatry, those calls usually depend on whether a patient’s complaints are associated with significant distress or impaired functioning. Unlike medical disorders where morbidity is often determined by physical limitations or the threat of impending death, the distress and disruption of social functioning associated with mental illness can be fairly subjective. Even those on the softer, less severe end of the mental illness spectrum can experience considerable suffering and impairment. For example, someone with mild depression might not be on the verge of suicide, but could really be struggling with work due to anxiety and poor concentration. Many people might experience sub-clinical conditions that fall short of the threshold for a mental disorder, but still might benefit from intervention. <a href="">how to write a persuasive paper</a> High school sophomore Larenz Davis is a fully wired student. He’s got his own iPad, an iPhone he’s permitted to use at school, and he shares a laptop with his younger brother at home.

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